01 cucina la stua de michil corvara

More than a team – a family of eleven.

With utmost care.

A cuisine where ingredients and personal relations are whisked with aplomb, creating a smooth experience which everyone can enjoy. Eleven people, a tightknit group which transcends the notion of a simple, well-oiled team, which works day in, day out, to create wondrous dishes. Their ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, important partners who are listened to and valued on a daily basis. Citrus and its myriad bitter notes go into the mix, followed by fresh vegetables, treated with the same deference as meat and fish; oils swirl into sauces, the aesthetics something unlike you’ve ever seen; scraps and forgotten vegetables are chosen, consciously, as a challenge to prepare delicious menus; a seemingly simple loaf of bread takes pride of place, the embodiment of man’s long, winding history; spicy notes, pickled vegetables, our vegetable garden, the countryside, herbs and roots, and silence: a vital ingredient which helps us understand the essence of everything.


Please take a seat